Lodge Vitruvian operates under what has come to be known as "The European Concept" as popularized by Lodge Epicurean, among others, in Australia.

The European Concept is known for its dedication to a number of primary tenets:

  • Dignity and high standards are to be maintained by the Lodge in all its undertakings.
  • Nothing short of excellence in ritualistic work is acceptable.
  • Candidates shall be advanced only after having undertaken an intensive program of Masonic education and proving themselves proficient in open Lodge.
  • The Lodge enjoys the fellowship of the Festive Board at a local restaurant following all Regular and Emergent Meetings of the Lodge.
  • Members are expected to dress properly to attend to the duties of the Lodge.
  • A Lodge of this caliber must be paid for.

Lodge Vitruvian holds its regular meetings at the Broad Ripple Masonic Temple of the 4th Tuesday of January, April, July, and October. A fifth special stated meeting is held on the 4th Tuesday in June for the purpose of setting the dues amount for the next calendar year. An emergent (called) meeting will be held for the purpose of Installation of Officers, and will be scheduled at the pleasure of the Master-elect. Lodge Vitruvian will schedule emergent meetings as required to confer (or exemplify) the Entered Apprentice Degree, the Fellow Craft Degree, and the Master Mason Degree. The Lodge will always tyle at 7:00PM, business meetings will never last more than one hour. A Masonic Education program will always be delivered at the Festive Board. (Toasts and other speeches will be limited.)

Lodge Vitruvian does not have a formal limit to its membership, but informally the intent is to keep the lodge to no more than 36 members on average. It is our belief that lodges of less than 50 members are optimal for the purpose of being able to know all of your Brothers. Should the lodge ever grow to over 36 members, thought will be given to chartering a new lodge and splitting the membership.*

All members are expected to attend all Communications of the Lodge. If a member cannot attend, he will be expected to contact the Secretary in advance. A member who does not attend meetings for one year will be asked to consider demitting.

In the style of European Lodges, members are expected to dress in tuxedo for all Communications of the Lodge. Members also purchase their own regalia (apron, collar, gloves, case) according to Lodge Vitruvian specifications.

Dues for Lodge Vitruvian are $200/year. Initiation fees are $250 (including regalia), affiliation fees are $100 (plus regalia).

Lodge Vitruvian endorses the concept of opening regular meetings on the Entered Apprentice Degree. While we regret that legislation to this effect has failed at Grand Lodge Communications in Indiana since 2001, we are encouraged by the current study program allowing Indiana Lodges to open on the lowest degree in which they have members present.

Lodge Vitruvian wishes to work the English Emulation Ritual rather than the Indiana regulation ritual. It is understood that a number of Blue Book regulations will need to be changed to permit this. The Lodge wishes to work Emulation because it is the most widely worked ritual in English-speaking countries, and because working a different ritual will enable our members and visitors to become familiar with the customs practiced in Britain, where Freemasonry began and where it is still a powerful influence on society.

If you're tired of going to Lodge to read the minutes, pay the bills, and drink coffee and eat donuts, there is an option. If you became a Mason because you want to learn the Craft and because you want to enjoy Masonic fellowship the way it was designed to be, there is an option.

* Why 36 members? Because Robert Baden-Powell believed that a Boy Scout troop should be made up of six patrols of six members each. If it was good enough for BP, it's good enough for us. In addition, the number 36 is 2 x 18, where 18 is the value of חי, the Hebrew word for "Life". What better than "double life" as a good omen for a successful lodge?